Transforming Your Standard Garden Fountain Into A Solar-Powered One


Thinking of adding a solar-powered water fountain in your garden is honestly admirable. You won’t be generating electricity from non-renewable resources. The amount of carbon monoxide and dioxide that you produce at home can decrease significantly. Your participation in the destruction of the ozone layer as well as the natural materials found on this planet won’t become as massive as in the past, for sure.

The only hindrance that some homeowners wonder about is, “What am I going to do with the standard fountain that is already out there?” It must have cost a fortune, so destroying it may be out of the question. Moreover, buying a new one may not be ideal, primarily if the family wants to stick on a budget these days.

Fortunately, you can now transform a regular garden fountain into a solar-powered one.

Tools To Get:

  • Solar pump
  • Caulk (silicone)
  • Caulking gun
  • Drill
  • Scissors
  • Tubes (rubber)
  • Screwdrivers



 Pick The Right Solar Pump

The first task you need to partake in is choosing the solar-powered pump for your fountain. You see, some come with only solar panels, and they work perfectly well under the sun. When clouds cover the sky, though, it may not have enough juices to operate.

On the other hand, many solar pumps also have slots for batteries. Getting one is an excellent choice for people whose form of relaxation at night involves looking at the running water on the fountain. Without sunlight, it will still function.

  1. Clear Out The Fountain

While waiting for the new pump to reach your home, you can start preparing your garden fixture. Drain the water, for one, and clean the base of your fountain, making sure it is neither muddy nor slimy. You should check all the tubes connecting it to the electric-powered pump to figure out which ones are reusable. You may remove the old pump at this point as well.

  1. Replace The Pump

When you are happy with the outcome of your work, it is time to put the solar pump where the standard one used to be. Now, the lifting and dropping part is effortless – you can get that done in minutes. What you ought to be careful with is attaching tubes since you don’t want to burst any pipe today. As for the solar panel itself, you should move it a few feet away from the fountain without making the wires taut.

  1. Link The New Tubes To The Fountain

After that, you are free to connect the pump tubes to the water fountain. If the pipes are too long, you can cut it nicely. You may decide as well whether you want the solar pump to be visible or submerged under the fixture. In case you opt for the latter, however, you have to use a drilling machine to poke holes through the fountain to make room for tubes and wires.

  1. Try It Out

Once the silicone caulk that sealed all the drill holes is dry, you can finally try to fill the water fountain. If the pump does not power up at once, you should not worry too much. The solar panels may need to take a while to absorb energy from the sun.


In Conclusion

Is the process as difficult as you initially thought it would be?

We are hoping that the answer is ‘no’ because transforming your standard garden fountain into a solar-powered one does not require many steps. The pump is the primary thing to change, and that cannot consume your entire day. You may need to have an electrician come over to detach the electric-operated one from the fountain safely, yes. However, with proper guidance, you might be able to install the solar pump and make your water fountain eco-friendly.

Good luck!

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