The Latest Products And Trends In Renewable Energy

This 2019, the use of renewable energy seems more attainable than ever. Companies are coming up with more products that make use of solar, hydroelectric, geothermal and wind power. These items are now making their way to commercial markets so that people like you and your family can utilize clean energy.

Here are some products that you might be interested in:

Solar-Powered Windows


Solar power seems to be one of the most common causes of renewable energy today. Many homes have already installed solar panels on their rooftops to save on utility bills. Soon enough, it won’t just be your roof catching those rays.

A Dutch company has come up PowerWindows. These are tiny solar panels that they install along the edges of glass windows. Currently, they have already put these into one building in the Netherlands. A Dutch bank has over 300 square feet of PowerWindows, producing enough energy to charge a smartphone a few times. It isn’t enough energy, but it’s a start.

Also in the world of solar windows, a Chinese team has come up with a similar product. They developed a material that can reduce sunlight coming into the room like tinted windows do. However, this new development can also make use of the sun to generate electricity. They’ve only come up with a prototype, but the technology looks promising.

Solar Cells On Shirts

Fashion crosses with environmentally forward-thinking. A product that sounds like a Tony Stark/Iron Man invention is in the works. Scientists came up with the perovskite solar cell around 2009. At the time, it could convert only 3.8% of light into energy. But in 2018, this percentage jumped to a startling 27.3%. This material is less rigid than other solar cells and developers can turn it into thin film-like panels. They can then install this onto several other things such as electronics, windows, and even clothing.

What this means is that your shirts can serve as a collector of solar power. Think about how much potential you can be harnessing when you go out for your daily jogs.

Additionally, some designers are already incorporating similar technology into clothing. Pauline van Dongen has released a shirt that has 120 sheer solar panels on it. The stylistically-placed devices also come with a connector to USB-compatible devices. This connector allows the wearer to charge their phone as they go about their errands during the day. Surprisingly enough, you can even wash the shirt.

Hydro-Powered Water-Saving Device


It’s not just solar power that’s seeing a lot of development. Science and technology have also come up with a new device that uses hydroelectricity. “Driblet” is a water meter that you attach to any pipe at your home. It monitors your water consumption as water passes through your faucet, showerhead, or hose.

But this product has a modern twist: it has its app where you can see your usage reports. It can also allow you to control how much water flows through your pipe. This app can thus help you cut down on your water bill.

What makes Driblet especially interesting is that it doesn’t have a battery that you need to charge. The device uses the energy from the water that flows through the pipes.

Solar Air Conditioning

Imagine the sun fueling your air conditioning unit. It sounds ironic. All this starts with solar panels that harvest sunlight. From there, you connect the boards to a water heater, which you then link to the AC. The idea is that the warmth from the water heater converts to cool air. At the same time, you can also make use of this setup to heat your home during the winter.

Tesla Powerwall


The Tesla Powerwall isn’t directly a product of renewable energy. Instead, it’s a giant rechargeable battery that you can use in junction with your source of clean power. What it does is store electricity that you can then use when the power is out or when electricity prices are high. You can also program the Powerwall to store energy when prices are at their lowest. This Powerwall then enables you to save up on your electricity bill, even by small means.

When you link this to solar powers or a wind turbine, you can store the collected power for later. This way, you don’t waste the energy that these devices have received. You can thus use the stored power when the sun is down or when the wind isn’t blowing particularly strong.

In Summary

Renewable energy isn’t just a novelty idea anymore. Thanks to science and technology, it has now become a reality. While there’s still a long way to go in terms of making it readily available and affordable to the public, this progress is very welcome. We should keep our eyes peeled and be ready to commit to energy that’s sustainable, allowing us and future generations to enjoy the earth and its endless possibilities.

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